Angling in Banagher, Co Offaly

The main attraction of Banager is the great fishing and boating available in the town. Many come from all over the world to fish in the calm waters of the River Shannon and to sail down the Shannon is style in the many boats available to hire. Banagher is the ideal centre for exploring the lower Shannon and Lough Derg, the largest lake on the waterway system. Well worth a visit are the trails and walks in Portumna National Park, you can moor your boat in Portumna’s Castle Harbour.

Superb Fishing in Banagher situated in the heart of Ireland’s best fishing region. Banagher is renowned for its fishing and it hosts an annual fishing festival usually around May and September. Some useful information on the type of fishing that can be enjoyed close to Limekiln Self Catering Cottages can be found here on

The Banagher Coarse Angling Festival

The Banagher Coarse Angling Festival is held annually at a number of well-known hot spots, usually in May and in September. Probably the best spot for fishing in Banagher is located downstream of Banagher, on the east bank of the River. The Town Stretch, as it is called, is one of the Match Angling Stretches used for the Banagher Festival. The Town Stretch is a good place for mixed fishing, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself catching over 40 lbs at one sitting – more if you can get into a shoal of bream on a calm day with little boat traffic. Pike fishing is often very productive on the Shannon, with fish ranging from 3 to 10 lb (pounds), and occasional catches of over 20 lb.

There is no license required for coarse or pike fishing on the Shannon in this area, but a Share Certificate to fish is required upstream of Banagher Bridge. All venues downstream are completely free. The main fish to be found in these hot fishing spots are pike, roach, and bream, with perch and carp to be found on Meelick Weir. For the Pike angler fishing is often very productive on the main river, especially around Meelick where fish up to 20lbs + are reported quite frequently. The fish in the River Shannon range from Pike, Roach, Bream and Carp. If you would like more information on fishing and boating in Banagher please contact us.

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