Limekiln Self Catering Accommodation Reviews

Midland Tribune

The midland tribune talks about a “favourable review” from the Irish News newspaper. The article refers to the writers stay in Lime Kiln cottages. They says that the cottages provide a perfect base to discover more about the area dubbed Ireland’s best kept secret. They also spoke warmly about the surrounding areas and the historical sights.
The writer describes the proprietors, Joan Larkin, as a “warm and friendly host” and that leaving Lusmagh was like departing after a family visit

Offaly Independent

Self-catering holidays in Offaly have taken a huge leap forward with the opening of two top-class holiday apartments in Lusmagh-near Banagher.
They are a perfect distance from the nearby town of Banagher. Close enough if you need supplies or a quick drink but far enough away to give the impression that you’ve left the rat race behind.

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